Tripod International’s birth began in Sidney Australia, after having become a great success, Mr. Bakhos Nassif its founder and creator decided to bring the same concept which defines innovation, integrity and attention to quality and detail back to his home land Lebanon.

Since his return to Lebanon Mr. Nassif has given birth once again to Tripod international in 2011 and despite the economic spiraling downhill situation, due to his ambition and determination to continue his successful journey he has managed to start 5 grand projects simultaneously by the same principles that he had become so attached to.

Adma Hills being the first major project located on an exceptional hill in Adma, looking over the Jounieh Bay, standing like a beacon and providing the whole scenery elegance and beauty, consisting of 17 blocks with all the amenities the imagination can project, Tripod began its success in Lebanon.

After creating a team of professionals that have great minds, intelligence, imagination and above all honor in their work, Tripod International started spreading it wings in all areas of Lebanon which lead to developing :

  • Adma business center a 2 block project
  • Zouk residential and commercial 4 block project
  • Ashrafieh, Rmeil 13 story residential project
  • Many other ventures are in the planning an ready to be executed

After having gained so much experience in the development and construction field for the most reputable companies and having the courage to venture out on his own to create his own dreams first in Australia then to Lebanon, Mr. Nassif has put Tripod International in the category of the most respected development companies in Lebanon and now more than ever his unwavering believe in building quality homes has become stronger than ever. The future is an abundance of opportunities and therefore Tripod just like it has proven itself in the past will forever keep proving that continuous growth and success is not an impossibility instead it’s an everlasting endless journey.