The Smart Commercial & Executive Space

ADMA 185


A new era for business centers

In a beautiful setting and conveniently located only minutes from the highway, ADMA 185 stands proudly at the heart of Keserwan to present you with a new site hub for all your business activities.

Providing an excellent corporate location, Adma, Keserwan, offers a positive and energetic environment for all commercial and professional developments, whether new or well established.

A look on the outside

Located on the main street, ADMA 185 harbors a modern look that blends remarkably well with its surroundings, a fusion of concrete and natural beauty that optimizes your traditional ways of conducting business. Using this scenery to your advantage, the buildings facades consist mainly of naturally shaded full floor glass windows that optimize the intake of natural light for a nicer atmosphere.

Premium residential as well as corporate developments encircle the business center, which makes an ideal value for commercial purposes. Whether you wish to open a retail store, a showroom or executive offices, ADMA 185 is dedicated to the success of your business.

A multi-dimensional system

Divided into two blocs that spread on two-stories high buildings, ADMA 185 proposes office space solutions, showrooms and shops with appealing designs, a dedicated outdoor terrace, sculptural landscaped gardens and of different dimensions to suit every different requirement.

A showroom is located on each bloc, one with a mezzanine and the other with a terrace; both take up the entire floor through surfaces that vary between 440m2 and 888m2.

Five shops are available on the Ground floor of Bloc B with surfaces ranging between 105m2 and 124m2, all including a mezzanine for your convenience.

Spread across both buildings, you will discover ten offices of varying sizes (between 90m2 and 127m2).

With one main goal in mind, ADMA 185 is entirely conceived to satisfy your need for a superior commercial or executive space that is smart, well located and perfectly designed.

The highway to success

Envisioned and developed by award-winning Tripod International, ADMA 185 is a modern, well designed and striking center that offers the ultimate solution to all professionals and developers looking to open a new commerce, expand or relocate their current ones or simply invest in a vibrant and non-saturated city that offers access to a multitude of benefits.

At merely minutes from the main highway, on the gateway of the whole Ftouh Keserwan region and the adjacent major cities that are filled with cafes, restaurants and trade centers, Adma makes an ideal location for all commercial and professional activities.

Assembling beauty, modernism and reliability, ADMA 185 is your solution for all your business activities.


ADMA 185
  • Large Structural Span, Wide Column Free Interiors
  • Perfect Exposure to the main Road
  • Strategic Signage Spots for Corporal identity
  • Large Parking Spaces
  • Underground Parking for Staff
  • Underground Utility Space for Secure Storage
  • Emergency Exits
  • Safe from Flooding and Anti Seismic Design
  • Autonomous Power Source, Space allocated for Power Plant
  • Private Sculptural Garden Plaza on Frontage
  • Facing 3 Rods on Traffic Corner
  • Granite Stone Finishing for Staircases
  • Elevators, High End KONE Lifts
  • Offices are Delivered as Core & Shell
  • 1000 L Water Tank per Office
  • Supplementary Power Supply source as Backup


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