Offering the perfect setting for Living & Commercial Conditions.

ZOUK 471


At the center of it all:

Located at the heart of Zouk Mikael, a major city of the Keserwan district that is famous for being vibrant and energetic, Zouk 471 is a wonderful residential as well as commercial project that promises to satisfy the needs and desires of everyone looking to either settle in a new apartment or open a successful business.

Zouk Mikael offers the perfect setting for all living and commercial conditions. Surrounded with schools, universities, hospitals and numerous shopping centers and restaurants, this city is as prosperous as it is vivid. Only minutes from the main highway, the most famous beach resorts or the wonderful Jounieh nightlife, Zouk Mikael is, without a doubt, a perfect location.

Standing out in quality and style:

Designed to stand out on the outside as much as on the inside, the building harbors a modern and sleek look using all the right material and specifications to make this project a brilliant one.

Divided into four different blocs that stretch on a 6 stories-high building, Zouk 471 offers medium-size 45 apartments with dimensions ranging between 130m2 and 137m2, an ideal setting for newlyweds or small families, and 8 shops in Bloc A with dimensions ranging between 50 m² and 102 m².

Each apartment benefits from double glazed windows, top of the line ceramics and sanitary fixtures, high capacity water tanks, a gated underground parking, and air conditioning as well as heating installations.

Using all our tools to make Zouk 471 a family and friendly building, we have provided a covered playground for the children as well as a parking space for all your guests.


Limited Quantity

135 sqm apt. starting 190,000$

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Zouk 471
  • Gated Underground Parking
  • Cover Kids Playground and Guests Parking
  • 2 Watch Men Appartments
  • High Capacity Water Tank
  • Double Wall, Double Glazing
  • Installation for AC and Heating
  • Kitchen, High Quality, Italian Cabinets
  • Anti Seismic Structural Design
  • Natural Stone External Cladding
  • Reception Area, First Choice Ceramic
  • Sanitary Fixtures, Grohe or Equivalent
  • Elevators, High Standards Lifts for 6 Persons




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